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Insanity laughs, under pressure we're breaking

Can't we give ourselves one more chance? The DSM IV, explained Lawrence J. Davis, that human life was a form of mental illness.  How can this be?  How can the entire mass of human experience be so miffed as to be considered insanity?  How can we not know that we are insane? The second question is easiest to answer, because the fact exists that we can never know we are insane if we never consider that we are not sane.  And America has a problem with questioning itself. I never have. The flaws in me were the pieces most evident, made EXTREMELY clear by society, by culture.  By what the family into which I was born decides is the most important. I assumed they told me the truth and I was the one who was broken. The truth that I told people kept getting me into trouble, so I kept thinking that I was so broken. I couldn't use my words like they kept telling me, to be authentic, because my words were wrong. If my words were wrong, that meant at the most basic leverl, I  was wrong.  I

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