I try to never believe the story that makes me out to be the best...

...because it is almost entirely unlikely to be incorrect.  I might be inclined to believe the idea that I am the worst, as it certainly feels like the guilt should purchase that award, but the Truth lay somewhere in between, I am sure.

The thing I know for sure is that it will be hard for me to remember correctly if I don't log it.  Even before I liked computers I liked remembering.  Computers just extended what the mind could do, because we have a weakness in time that we found we could fill with processors.

The AI still cannot think ahead like we can, but they can predict based on models statistical or prejudicial it doesn't matter.  It becomes self-fulfilling.  They, neither, can excrete meaning from tragedy nor compress meaning into a rainbow.  That, too, is still our domain.  But when it comes to crunching numbers, these guys are the bees' knees.

Plus, the things that drive so much of our lives are already algorithm driven, and have been, since I can remember, and I remember back far.  But as long as there have been credit scores there have been algorithm driven consequences.  As long as there have been zip codes there have been those excluded.

The pitiful need for power of the petty man will seize any tool for control and capture of more, it has always used what AI will learn, and then man will weep at how the AI treats him.  Like that old anti-drug commercial from the Reagan era, where the dad asks him where he learned such behavior and the child, in tears, confesses he had been watching what the hippie father thought he had been hiding.  We were watching all along, was the message.


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