Insanity laughs, under pressure we're breaking

Can't we give ourselves one more chance?

The DSM IV, explained Lawrence J. Davis, that human life was a form of mental illness.  How can this be?  How can the entire mass of human experience be so miffed as to be considered insanity?  How can we not know that we are insane? The second question is easiest to answer, because the fact exists that we can never know we are insane if we never consider that we are not sane.  And America has a problem with questioning itself.

I never have. The flaws in me were the pieces most evident, made EXTREMELY clear by society, by culture.  By what the family into which I was born decides is the most important. I assumed they told me the truth and I was the one who was broken. The truth that I told people kept getting me into trouble, so I kept thinking that I was so broken. I couldn't use my words like they kept telling me, to be authentic, because my words were wrong. If my words were wrong, that meant at the most basic leverl, I was wrong.  I could not be me and live in this world.  But I had to liv e, or else the whole game was a wash. So I tried to bend.

But I was never broken, I just didn't fit into the mold into which they tried to cast me. And I was too stubborn to ever truly give in. My response that, 'No, you are all fucked up', never completely went away. Cultures response that, no, it was me who was fucked up, also never went away. And most people seem to get worn down, eventually. They seem to give up and let culture win. They assume if they are not wrong, they cannot win anyway. But it is not a zero sum game. If you have to give up your token just to play, then the game is rigged, and the only thing to do is to kick over the board and make up new rules.

Why can't we give love that one more chance?

I was told, repeatedly, that life is not fair.  But I learned, early, that life COULD be fair, it is just that people are assholes. They love to say that life is not fair because then it only makes sense that they take advantage of the weak.  That is the way of the jungle, right?  Wrong.   See, one never sees a lion taking more than it needs.  It doesn't try to keep the other animals from picking over the carcass.

It never bares its teeth at others after it is full, it never tells the hyenas they don't belong in its neighborhood. Life gets along unless that life is human.  Then it tries to dominate everything.  This is the problem.  I was never broken,.  This culture is broken.

And we can't fix it by going back to9 the 1950s, because it was already broken then.  We have to go all the way back to when whoever came up with patriarchy, and kill them.  Hitler is a wasted time travel effort.  Like Trump, Hitler was just a piece of the puzzle, and it was boud to happen, because of the rules we wrote.  Of course Hitler would rise to power.  Of course, Trump would rise to power.  

Because all the rest of us allowed them to define the language.  And when the ruling class gets to define the language, then you no longer can have your own ideas. This seems to simple, yeah?  Language evolves, and so the words don't mean what they used to mean.  Everyone knows this, but no one seems to consider the implications.

The Constitition, the Bible, et al: we keep going back to the original sources but we no longer speak the same language.  We can't fix it from here, because we are in the same cycle as the problem.  Oe must break out of the cycle first.

I'll see you when you get here.

'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to
Care for the people on the
Edge of the night (people on streets)

This is ourselves.

We keep telling ourselves that this is not who we are.  Why do we think we can do that?  Who are we if it is not what we do? We think we get to tell ourselves the lies we tell about our history is true?  We really think we are exceptional? Too many of the rules, the powers, the people, that are now in charge are only there because of the oppression that came before it.

To not accept that thre oppression happenned, to act as though your position right now is due to nothing but your merit, is a comfortable lie, and nothing more.

What we do IS who we are.  There is no other definition, for there is no other way to know us.


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