Ghost (in the Machine) Rider

Our bodies are amazing things, and whatever we ask them to do consistently, it tries to do.  I've not gone in to it much, yet, but it seems like the Universe also tries to do what we repeatedly ask it.  I have a solution to the quandry of the double slit experiment that simply shows the universe thought that the identification of the particles was the most important part, and so it reulted in two bands instead of the interference pattern.  The particle waveforms resolved BEFORE they got to the screen, and so they already knew what to do when they got there.  The scientists expected the waveform to get identified and then that label to be applie to the particle when it resolved at the screen, but the particle had already been resolved when it passed through their filter. I think they don't understand time.

But time is our superpower.  Time is the thing that makes us the ghost in the machine and time is the thing that allows us to go back and analyze the past to prepare for the future, and it is the adequate use of prep time that makes Batman the best superhero in the world.  Time is the only thing we have that we can't make more of or take someone elses.  We can waste it, but we can't really save it.  Once it is gone, the frame has been recorded, and can no longer be changed. *

As a new player, I want to understand the rules and the boundary conditions even more than I want to know the purpose of the game.  Why?  Simply put, I might not play the game but just explore the universe.  I do not have to care about the dialogue that was poorly written or the side quests which are slow, annoying, and rehashed.  I can ignore the boring NPCs that say the same thing over and over again no matter how I react, but still appreciate a well crafted line even if it is repeated.  No, I can simply explore the universe that the game designers built in ORDER TO PUBLISH their shitty story.  And that has often been enough, for me.  The game might of been THEIR purpose, but it doesn't ever have to be mine.

* There are experiments that show that frames in relative nearness to the even can be rewritten, or it means that things are getting resolved much further in advance of the apparent frame boundary and thus looks like it was reversed to back propagate a decision.


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